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How to Non-rev like a boss
CLICK the thumbnail above to listen  In this AFA Piedmont YouTube podcast "How to NON-REV like a BOSS!", Stephanie D. the Communications Chair at AFA Piedmont Council 61, interviews Julia L., a Philadelphia-based Flight Attendant with Piedmont for over seven years. The podcast touches on non-rev travel tips, focusing on leisure and pleasure trips. Julia shares her experiences traveling to various destinations, including Dubai, Paris, and Colombia. She emphasizes the importance of using tools like Zed and the airline's travel planner for effective non-rev planning. Julia also discusses the significance of dressing appropriately, especially when traveling to destinations with strict dress codes, such as Qatar. The podcast also covers tips for choosing accommodations, navigating airports, and interacting with gate agents and customer service representatives. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for airline employees and non-rev travelers, offering practical advice for a successful and enjoyable travel experience. 911 EMERGENCY NUMBERS in the WORLD:


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