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NOTE:  The Submit Ticket button above is for Piedmont Flight Attendants Only.


Why should you a Piedmont Flight Attendant submit a ticket to the online FA Support Center

We utilize a support ticket system to support requests and better serve you. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

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Welcome to the AFA Piedmont website! 

We are delighted to have you here. This website serves as a comprehensive resource for aviation's first responders, highlighting our roles and responsibilities.

Within this website, you will find various pages dedicated to each division within our organization, including LEC, Media, Committee Pages, and many others. We encourage you to explore each page and gain a deeper understanding of how AFA and the Flight Attendants of Piedmont collaborate.

At Piedmont, we take great pride in our strong AFA-CWA heritage. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO thrives because of the active participation of members like you. Your fresh ideas and creative energy are crucial to our success. Through a democratic process, every member has the opportunity to voice their opinions. 

We strongly encourage you to thoroughly explore every page on this website, as it contains a wealth of valuable information. Click on every link, browse through each page, and stay informed.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you have a rewarding experience.


In Solidarity,

Your AFA-CWA Council 61 MEC/LEC Officers                                                   


Congress proposed a National NO FLY LIST

Flight Attendants have become Punching Bags




The grievance committee has one of the MOST important jobs locally. It processes your complaints and contractual grievances, as well as helps to ensure that you are protected from arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action. The grievance committee “enforces” what has been negotiated and helps you understand your contractual rights.



In this podcast, we are speaking to the now former Grievance Committee Chair Kim H. who is based in Charlotte, NC. She speaks about her past position as the Grievance Chair and what this committee does for the Piedmont Flight Attendant. Happy Listening! Also, don't forget to WEAR YOUR HEADPHONES/EARBUDS in public.


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Click HERE to learn how, what, and when to file a Grievance









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