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Resign/Retire Checklist

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Resign/Retire Checklist

*Please note this is a generic checklist for those who are planning to Resign OR Retire*

There is a difference between resigning and retiring for some sections. Please read the sections associated with whichever one applies to you.* Make sure that you request what applies to you in written form to Inflight in your resignation letter. If you don’t request your due benefits in writing they may be overlooked as it isn’t an automatic system for separation from the company. You need to ensure you are doing your part so they are accountable. Remember to BCC  yourself, to your personal email, and feel free to include the Union also. 



You can cash out all the vacation days you’ve accrued at 4.0 per day.  You will have to pay back any days you have not yet accrued.  As long as you are active for 15 or more days in a month, you are considered active for the whole month and accrue 1 month’s worth of vacation.  Remember different seniority levels accrued different amounts each month.  For example, a Jr. FA will earn 10 days in their first full year.  So 10 days divided up into 12 months means the FA is earning .8333 per month.  As per Section 5.A.2. any fractions of a day will be rounded down if it is at .5 or below.



If you have perfect attendance for the 3 months prior to your resignation date, you can cash out up to 600 hours of your sick bank (pages 27-2 and 4-3 of the contract).  It is paid at whatever hourly rate you are at when you resign.



If you have a loan on the 401K, you will have to pay it back.  If not, then you can just leave the account as is.  If your new job has a 401K, you may want to consider combining it/rolling it over into your new work place or leave as is.  Or rolling it over into an IRA.  Consult with your financial advisor.



If you have this you may want to check with HR on what happens with it when you leave PDT.



If you have this it will change when you stop getting a paycheck at resignation.  You will need to check into this if you are signed up for it.



If you qualify for lifetime travel.  You just have to let the company know you want this benefit at retirement.  You just use your driver’s license/passport for travel.