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Who should you contact?

Not sure what committee to contact for your situation? Good news, this video instruction will show you what to do.



Committee Description

NOTE: committee podcasts are found in the  MEDIA  section of this website.




Assist AFA Officers, Committee Chairs, and Flight Attendants in obtaining day-to-day Flight Information/Knowledge. Acts as a liaison between Flight Attendants and Union to help provide answers to contractual agreement questions. Points FA’s in the right direction when FA need assistance (i.e. Base parking - Base Supervisor, Payroll Issues - Payroll Department, Co-Worker issues - EAP Committee). Makes FAs feel comfortable about needing assistance by promoting a positive attitude in the workplace and being a good role model within the company. Is required to be confidential, however, is also required to encourage you to resolve any issue ethically.



This committee investigates local Flight Attendant safety reports or incident reports. They keep you informed of current safety developments. They work with the company, FAA, DOT, OSHA, and Congress to improve safety in our workplace, e.g. air quality and improve carry-on baggage rules. You have a legal right to union representation if involved in an aircraft incident or accident. 



The Communications Department encompasses the union’s internal and external communications, website maintenance, message development, and strategic and organizing campaigns. AFA Communications distributes a variety of print and electronic publications to keep AFA members informed about the issues that impact our union and our profession. They produce campaign support materials for their websites, editorial needs, online publishing, print publishing and media engagement. 

This committee assists local counsel to ensure consistent
newsletters/websites are published. Assists the MEC president as needed on future projects relating to communication and education of the membership. 


The committee will help develop a hotel checklist with ALPA for the company as a minimum requirement for FA overnight accommodations. It will work with the company to establish adequate hotels for layovers. The members will ensure compliance with contractual minimum requirements once the hotel has been selected. They will gather Flight Attendant feedback on hotel and transportation issues. Keep FA’s informed on the comings and going‘s of hotel changes.


EAP Specially trained Flight Attendants assist Flight Attendants in the area that affects personal or co-worker’s performance. The EAP committee consists of trained AFA Flight Attendants who help other Flight Attendants or their family members in seeking professional care in various areas including; alcohol/drug abuse, marital or family problems, or other emotional or stress-related situations. 
Professional Standards can help you work out differences with co-workers, and you may remain anonymous. Every effort is made to have an AFA EAP representative meet with you following an aircraft incident/accident.


AFA’s “Fight for 10” includes a Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) for reporting instances of fatigue to take steps to correct it. The FRMP also provides education for Flight Attendants to determine when they are fatigued and what steps can be taken to avoid it, in addition to proper rest habits.



The grievance committee has one of the MOST important jobs locally. It processes your complaints and contractual grievances, as well as helps to ensure that you are protected from arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action. The grievance committee “enforces” what has been negotiated and helps you understand your contractual rights.

Grievance Guide >>


Dear fellow union members,

We hope this message finds you well. As you may already know, our union's committee has been working hard to keep us informed about important issues and developments that affect us as workers. One of the ways we have been done this is through podcasts.

We would like to encourage all of our members to listen to the committee's podcast for details on the union's duties, details, and initiatives. This podcast is a great resource for keeping up to date with important union matters and staying informed about the actions being taken on our behalf.

By listening to the podcast, you will be able to hear from the committee members directly about their progress and the challenges they are facing. 

We understand that everyone is busy and may not have the time to attend all the meetings and events in person. However, listening to the podcast is an easy and convenient way to stay informed and engaged. You can listen to it on your commute, during your lunch break, or whenever you have some free time.

So please, take the time to listen to the committee's podcast and stay informed about the important work being done on our behalf. We appreciate your commitment to our union and look forward to your continued support.

In solidarity,

Stephanie D. Davenport / Communications Chair





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 Systems BoardHotel Gov't Affairs
 Reserve EAPScheduling
 Grievance  Negotiations


Keeps you informed of legislative actions that could affect your income, working conditions, and job security. They have lobbied for fair taxation protection of past benefits, protection of jobs/safety in the deregulation (issue of one flight attendant per 50 aircraft seats versus one flight attendant per 50 passengers), and safety concerns (protesting removal of 747 overwing door exits). FlightPAC supports candidates who support Flight Attendant's career goals. Funds for PAC are voluntary and are not provided from your monthly dues. (AFA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE)



The AFA Human Rights and Equity Committee is committed to providing the broadest possible representation of our members regardless of age, disability, marital status, national origin, ethnicity, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, and gender expression. We honor and celebrate the shared humanity of the members in our care. We shall at all times endeavor to promote the principles of tolerance, fairness, equity, justice, respect, and inclusion within our Union. It is only when we all work together that we can tear down the walls of division and create a progressive culture that values social & economic justice for all working people.



This committee’s representatives are information representatives. Members will gather information from the membership to keep local officers and the negotiation committee informed on their members’ concerns. Members will distribute information to Flight Attendants on a one-on-one basis during negotiations that concern important negotiation issues. They will keep you informed and promote AFA and its programs one-on-one to Flight Attendants. Learns the ins and outs of the collective-bargaining agreement. Educates and informs the FA on important contract issues.



Activated to prepare and present Flight Attendant positions during all negotiations. AFA’s representative at the bargaining table. The committee members visit all domiciles on scheduled “roadshow” meetings to present the opening letter that will be exchanged with the company and explain the tentative agreement once one is reached. Collective bargaining is the process, and the contract is the result.

podcast #1 / podcast #8



Interacts with new hire Flight Attendants to offer support and answer questions and presents a new hire presentation to any new hire Flight Attendant classes. Is available immediately after IOE training for all new hires and existing Flight Attendants. Provides information on how to Bid or where to simply pick up a bid packet. Promotes positivity in the workplace and leads by example. Assists FA group by pointing FAs in the right direction or referencing the PDT AFA contract. Collects feedback involving FA issues to provide to all committee chairs for committees to innovate from within. Works with the Reserve Committee for pairing with New Hire Flight Attendants our existing FAs in need of



Provide support to Flight Attendants regarding non-rev travel on American Airlines or other airlines. The Travel Specialist keeps you up-to-date on the latest non-rev changes and informs Flight Attendants about those changes. 



The committee will monitor all reserve concerns. The reserve committee shall develop and implement a system to assist in the integration of new hires into the membership of the union - this may include working with the Buddy Committees pairing new hires with present Flight Attendants who can answer questions concerning the Union and reserve system and the contract in a satisfactory manner.



Reviews the lines created by the company for contractual legalities; both original bid and final bid awards. This committee has in the past and can in the future help build the lines in conjunction with Flight Support. The company provides this committee with the trip pairings before the bids come out and welcomes suggestions.


The final step in the grievance procedure. One AFA member and one Piedmont member sit with the neutral arbitrator to arbitrate any dispute or grievance under the terms of the collective-bargaining agreement (contract).



Committee members establish a relationship with Piedmont In-flight about uniform issues. Keeps abreast of respectable tailors in the domicile area for a recommendation. Recommends acceptable dry cleaners in the area. Knowledgeable on uniform compliance issues. Sets the standards regarding uniform compliance (be a positive role model). Notify Flight Attendants of uniform changes and issues that affect Flight Attendants (i.e. new shirt style, how to wear wings, AFA pin, etc). Assists FA’s with uniform issues.



Committee list banner link